Scrambled Eggs

Such a quick and easy meal for those mornings or nights when you want something filling but don’t have a lot of time.

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt

So delicious on a hot summer morning for breakfast. Or even as a cooling snack. You could pop the mix into ice block moulds for individual frozen yoghurts.

Turmeric Hot Choc

So delicious and warming on a cold winters day. And the best part of this yummy hot choc is it is packed full of nutritious goodness from the turmeric, cacao powder, honey and cinnamon.

Energising Breakfast

When morning rolls around again it can be a struggle to get out of bed, especially if your diet is lacking lots of energising foods. Here is a really quick and easy breakfast to throw together in the morning which will give you the energy boost you need and keep you feeling satisfied right through…

Gluten Free Banana Bread

One of my favourite recipes to make is a delicious banana bread. There are many variations and wonderful ingredients which can be added to change the taste, but only for the better.

Lamington Muffins

Miss Munckins wanted chocolate muffins for breakfast this morning. So, as I started making them I decided to add a little coconut and then I had the brilliant (and not-so-original) idea of puttingĀ  jam in the middle, and Bob’s your Uncle, Lamington Muffins were created, baked and most certainly eaten. A perfect little addition to…

Golden Chewy Granola

I enjoy this as a really quick breakfast with a glass of homemade chocolate milk or as a quick snack on the run. It has lovely oils for our brain and our heart, antioxidants to protect our cells, vitamin E as an anti-inflammatory and to protect against infection along with many other vitamins and minerals to keeps us healthy.

Chocolate Milk

This is a favourite in my house. You can drink it cold or warm it up for a nice winter drink in the morning.