Choc Chip Pizza Cookies

Choc Chip Pizza Cookies. Say, what? These cookies spread out so big they almost look like the size of a pizza. They are so delicious.

Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks

How wonderful is it to return home and get a beautiful waft of lamb shanks cooking in the slow cooker? This is a set and forget dish which you can make quickly before you go off to work or out for the day. When you get home the smell will make your mouth water. Happy eating!

Fish Burgers

These fish burgers are so yummy. Definitely a favourite in my house.

Chicken Casserole

A simple one pot meal with lots of veg to nourish your body during the cold winter months.

Scrambled Eggs

Such a quick and easy meal for those mornings or nights when you want something filling but don’t have a lot of time.

Do you Cheat?

Do you have cheat days or cheat meals? I’m not talking about those days when you get to cheat on your partner without them getting upset (ummm…I don’t think that is actually a thing anyway). No, I am talking about that day of the week when you get to eat whatever you want and not…

Choc Turmeric Muesli Bars

Packed full of nourishing goodness these muesli bars will satisfy your tummy rumbles when you need a morning or afternoon pick me up. Total guilt free snacking.

Mindset and exercise

When it comes to your mindset and exercising it can be a what came first? The chicken or the egg? Does having a great mindset fire you up to workout or does exercise create wonderful things inside your brain which keeps you moving everyday? I believe it is both and one will always lead the…

Vegetable Bake

This vegetable bake can use any vegetables you like (limit peas and corn). You can use pumpkin, turnip, zucchini, sweet potato, potato, carrot, mushroom, parsnip…whatever you like
It has a creamy texture even though it contains no dairy. It is also gluten free. Even my daughter enjoyed eating it.
For this recipe I used the vegetables in the ingredients list but you can add about 4-5 cups of your favourite veg which you will layer into your dish.

Foods to Energise your mind

Keeping a healthy mind is essential to leading a fulfilling life. Without our cognitive function, brain power and memory it is difficult to get through the day without feeling tired, foggy or unmotivated. Our brains have high nutrition needs and require lots of energy to continue performing all of those daily tasks we aren’t even…