Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks

How wonderful is it to return home and get a beautiful waft of lamb shanks cooking in the slow cooker? This is a set and forget dish which you can make quickly before you go off to work or out for the day. When you get home the smell will make your mouth water. Happy eating!

Choc Turmeric Muesli Bars

Packed full of nourishing goodness these muesli bars will satisfy your tummy rumbles when you need a morning or afternoon pick me up. Total guilt free snacking.

Vegetable Bake

This vegetable bake can use any vegetables you like (limit peas and corn). You can use pumpkin, turnip, zucchini, sweet potato, potato, carrot, mushroom, parsnip…whatever you like
It has a creamy texture even though it contains no dairy. It is also gluten free. Even my daughter enjoyed eating it.
For this recipe I used the vegetables in the ingredients list but you can add about 4-5 cups of your favourite veg which you will layer into your dish.

Frozen Fruity Yoghurt

So delicious on a hot summer morning for breakfast. Or even as a cooling snack. You could pop the mix into ice block moulds for individual frozen yoghurts.

Loaded Vegetable Pizza

We do love a good pizza in our house so when my husband was diagnosed as a coeliac and I became intolerant to wheat I had to experiment with different pizza base recipes to find one we really like. This one we definitely like. Hope you like it too. Loaded Vegetable Pizza Print Recipe Servings…

Turmeric Hot Choc

So delicious and warming on a cold winters day. And the best part of this yummy hot choc is it is packed full of nutritious goodness from the turmeric, cacao powder, honey and cinnamon.

Energising Breakfast

When morning rolls around again it can be a struggle to get out of bed, especially if your diet is lacking lots of energising foods. Here is a really quick and easy breakfast to throw together in the morning which will give you the energy boost you need and keep you feeling satisfied right through…

Gluten Free Banana Bread

One of my favourite recipes to make is a delicious banana bread. There are many variations and wonderful ingredients which can be added to change the taste, but only for the better.

Turmeric Smoothie

Turmeric is a wonderful herb which has been studied for many years. Results have found when ingested, turmeric is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, may help to prevent dementia and parkinsons disease, has healing effects on the gastrointestinal system and even shows promise for treating IBD (irritable bowel disease). Adding turmeric to our daily diet can…

Banana Ice Cream with Ice choc magic

This ice cream is so creamy and delicious. And the chocolate topping gives an extra touch of indulgence. Freeze bananas which are overripe. Break into pieces and place in a freezer bag. Use as needed. What you need 4 frozen banans* 1/4 cup coconut oil 1/4 cup rice malt syrup, honey or maple syrup 1…