About Kelly

Kelly Connolly is a qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Cert IV qualified Fitness Trainer, author and Ho’opononpono practitioner with an enormous love of food, movement, self care, mindset and gratitude.

She is the first to admit her eating habits have been terrible in the past leading to being overweight, tired and miserable.

Her desire for something more in her life steered her in the direction of studying nutrition and fitness to not only better her health but to offer support and guidance for those who have lost their way when it comes to what to eat and how to move effectively.


Welcome to Energising Health and Fitness.

I am so happy you have popped in for a visit. Why not get comfy and stay a while. While you’re here have a look at how I can guide and support you on your own personal evolution.

Start with the My Evolution. Your Evolution tab (just above here) to read about how I got to the amazing place in my life right now for which I am truly grateful.

Even though I found my life extremely challenging it has brought my to this moment in time where I am blessed to work with other amazing women to help them with their weight loss struggles and support them through their own evolution.

Everyone has a story to tell. I would love to hear yours. Please watch the video to find out how to share your story.

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How Can I Support You?

Whether you are looking to meet with me for a weight loss and evolution consultation, need help with meal planning, you want to learn how to shop healthier or go deeper and join my 12 Week Mind & Body Evolution Program; you can find them all here

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It can be challenging trying to navigate our own health, weight, mindset and fitness. I want you to know I am here to guide and support you through your own evolution.

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